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Sun Power Systems have been founded in 1997 by industrious and dynamic professional, Sunil Mhaskar having tremendous experience in installation and maintenance of Power Electronics and Office Automation equipments. He himself is a qualified Electronics Engineer and has acquired vast training in various parts of India.

Sun Power Systems is engaged in sales, commissioning and maintenance of Power Electronics equipment like UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Power Inverter, Stabilizer, and Power Supplies used in Offices, Residence, Hospitals and Educational Institutions etc.

Backed up by a team of qualified and experience Technical personnel, Sun Power systems has made a big headway in the Power Electronics market. Established its name and goodwill which has helped to generate tremendous clintile support.

Our Applications

Our Applications

Empowering industries with reliable backup power solutions, Sun Power Systems stands at the forefront, ensuring uninterrupted operations across diverse sectors. From essential infrastructure to cutting-edge technology, our expertise safeguards businesses with industry-leading power protection solutions

Facilities Management

Many of today's facilities must be operational 24/7, which means that facilities managers must be equipped with reliable and robust backup power solutions.


A UPS for the medical sector is vital to prevent the loss of critical patient data, mitigate damage to machines and networks and enable healthcare facilities to function effectively.


Adept Power Solutions are here to ensure that educational facilities are protected from the detrimental consequences of downtime with bespoke education UPS solutions.


The security sector is a crucial element in keeping businesses safe, therefore it is essential that they are protected with security UPS solutions.

Data Centres

Data centres are the driving force behind modern society. Adept Power Solutions is here to provide continuous power for this critical sector.


UPS systems for IT are crucial to protect against mains failures, power surges, outages, and sags that could damage sensitive hardware.

Electrical Contractors

Protect your customers with Adept Power Solutions advanced UPS solutions. If your customer’s power fails, business suffers. Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure to get back up to speed.

Public Sector

Adept Power Solutions are here to help protect and guide the nation’s essential infrastructure. From educational facilities to emergency services, the public sector relies on access to consistent power to help support the public.


From independent stores to large supermarket chains, retailers are extremely susceptible to power cuts and power surges, which can have a detrimental impact on business.

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Our Prestigious Clients

Our Prestigious Clients