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Sine Wave Inverter

    Salient Features:
  • India’s Most Smartest & Intelligent LCD UPS with Micro Computer Inside.
  • INTELLI Pure Sinewave Output safe for sensitive appliances & Noiseless Operations.
  • 5 Stage Intelligent Battery charging algorithm.
  • Advance circuits Breaker for Protection.
  • Support Wide Battery charging for high power-Cut area.
  • Standard charging option for normal power-cut area.

UPS LUXE Sinewave Model Based on Micro Computer Based INTELLI PURE SINWAVE UPS is Designed Using Latest State-of-the-art Technology for Better performance and High Reliability. The INTELLI Pure Sinewave Technology used enhances the life of the battery and Minimum effort has to be put for maintenance.

Power sine 800

    Salient Features:
  • Capacity - 700VA , Maximum bulb load - 560W
  • Technology - Sine Wave Technology
  • No of battery supported - One Battery (12V)
  • LVFC technology (Low voltage Fast Charging charging) ensures full battery charging current for input voltage greater than 95V
  • User friendly LED indication for checking performance of inverter battery system
  • Advanced Micro processor design ensures reliable & quick switchover from mains to inverter & vice versa (less than 15 Ms)
  • Higher battery charging current than competition ensures faster battery recharge enabling optimum battery capacity during next power cut
  • Equipped with Over charging, overload, short circuit & over temperature protections & low battery, Switch over, overload alarm
  • Supports all battery types Tubular, SMF Flat plate & local (80Ah - 220Ah)