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Isolation & Ultra-Isolation Transformers

    What is Isolation Transformer?

    It isolates primary & secondary windings, it generates a fresh neutral and with zero neutral to ground voltage. You can have 1:1 ratio or Step Up or Step down voltage as desired


  • Single Phase (1-phase)
  • Three Phase (3-phase)
  • V-connected (3phase input – 1 phase output)
  • Our range

  • 1-50 KVA Single phase
  • 3-500 KVA 3-phase
  • 3-500 KVA V-connected isolation
  • Benefits :

  • Helps in reducing machine failures due to electrical disturbances such as noise, transients, surge, spikes
  • It also helps you overcome neutral related problems & weak earthing conditions
  • Voltage between earth & neutral reduces to less than 1V, hence improves life and efficiency of your equipment's

What is Ultra Isolation Transformer?

It provides all the features and protection of an isolation transformer , plus gives you noise attenuation filtering the electrical disturbances, such as noise, spike, surge, transients