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Servo Voltage Stabilizers

    Protections Provided in SENTRI Servo Voltage Stabilizers

  • Under-voltage and Over-voltage Protection
  • Short circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Phase Reversal Protection
  • Single phase protection (incase of 3-phase Servo Stabilizers)

  • Single Phase (1-phase)
  • Three Phase (3-phase)

  • Air cooled
  • Oil cooled
    Our Range of Servo Voltage Stabilizers

  • 1-50 KVA Single Phase
  • 3-300 KVA Air cooled 3-Phase
  • 15-1000 KVA Oil cooled 3-Phase

SENTRI Servo Voltage Stabilizers are specially designed for heavy duty industrial load, to reduce failure of your equipment's, optimize use of power and save energy

SENTRI Servo Voltage Stabilizers act as a perfect companion to your high-end machineries and protects them from all forms of hazardous voltage variations.

Benefits at High Voltage:

  • Reduction in machine failures
  • Enhances machines life
  • Power saving, due to optimum use
  • Reduces MD in your electric bill

Benefits at Low Voltage:

  • Machines can now work with full efficiency, hence reduces production losses
  • Need to run DG, whose cost is 3 times

Overall Benefits:

  • Helps improving plant operational efficiency
  • Brings uniformity and standardization to your end product

“It helps you save financial & operational losses due to failure in equipment's, at the same time helps in optimum use of power & provides savings in your electric bills during high voltage scenario


  • SENTRI Servo Stabilizers are used across all forms of industrial & domestic loads
  • SENTRI Servo Stabilizers are used across all environment